78-Year-Old Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

78-Year-Old Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

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TAWAU, SABAH – A 78-year-old man died at the hospital after being flung by a motorcyclist near the Jalan Dunlop traffic light.

Chang Yun Kong sustained severe head injuries in the 5.30pm collision yesterday.

District police chief ACP Peter Umbuas said the motorcyclist was headed to the JCI roundabout from town leading up to the incident.

“The victim was jaywalking when the traffic lights were green. The motorcyclist could not evade nor stop his vehicle in time…

“Both of them ended up on the ground a few meters from the crash site,” he said.

Peter detailed the rider sustained injuries to his knees and legs. Both were brought to the Hospital only for the victim to be pronounced dead at 2.40am.

“No next of kin has come forward to lodge a police report and we are searching,” Peter said.

Anyone with information are told to aid investigation in the case classified under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act.