Beaufort Floods Claims First Victim

Beaufort Floods Claims First Victim


BEAUFORT, SABAH – The worst flooding this district has seen in seven years claimed a victim today in Kampung Mantao.

Police identified him as Fairol Jisirun, 21, police said to have slipped into a deep end of the murky waters.

Beaufort police chief DSP Yusof Zaki Mat Yaacob detailed the victim with his brother and sister-in-law were on a row boat.

“They were on their way home after checking on the brother’s birds nest farm nearby…

“The brother was pushing the boat with the victim and his wife onboard,” he said.

The 10am incident saw the victim lost his step with neither men being able to swim.

Fire and Rescue services responded to the distress call placed about half an hour later and commenced a Search and Rescue.

Yusof said the body was eventually found not far from where he slipped at about 1pm. The remains were brought to the district hosiptal.

The case has been classified as Sudden Death.