Bersatu Never Looks Down on UMNO

Bersatu Never Looks Down on UMNO


KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – Sabah Bersatu youth chief Fairuz Renddan explained their leadership never looked down on those of other parties and especially UMNO’s.

He said Bersatu had confidence in UMNO’s seniority that the coalition they forged soon went on to administrate the Federal government.

“We don’t intend to judge other parties let alone UMNO whom we are working closely with in the Sabah People’s Coalition Government (GRS)…

“Take it for a fact that Bersatu deems respect and confidence for the credibility of UMNO’s leadership,” he said in a statement.

Fairuz Renddan…

He said negative statements aimed at jeopardizing GRS is shameful which comes from a character that is arrogant and stupid.

“We have established cooperation and it is impractical that we seek to destroy that…

“Bersatu leaders who view UMNO with negative preconceptions fail to see its effects on Perikatan Nasional.

“These can only be shrugged off as their own personal opinions but not Bersatu’s,” he said.

Bersatu Armada chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Ahmad Kamal earlier came out with a statement saying UMNO is no longer a powerhouse in Malaysian politics.

Wan Ahmad Fayhsal…

Quick to refute was Kimanis MP Mohamad Alamin.

In his statement, Mohamad said even if Wan is entitled to an opinion, he shouldn’t have brought the party’s influence as subject for debate.