Bettas: A Fishy Source of Income

Bettas: A Fishy Source of Income


KOTA KINBALU, SABAH – Siamese fighting fish compete for beauty in the rising sport of the aquatic fashion arena.

A 29-year-old who picked up the hobby in Putatan during the first Movement Control Order has turned it into a fishy source of income.

About a year ago, Syafif Shahiran joined a Betta (Betta splendens) fish competition in just 8 months of getting into rearing and was hooked.

Glory followed the Facebook streamer known in the Sabah Betta group of currently 8.7k members for winning silver during the Tambaig Hanshoku show at Api-Api Center on Sunday.

“It’s easy, just register and if you win you get a trophy and medal,” he says.

Competitions like these boost his credentials as a live streamer.

He observed that the hobby was growing judging by the increased submissions of fish, (2300) from less than 2000 last time around.

Syafif Shahiran…

“Most people think Betta fish live for only two days, but they can actually live up a year…

“I find joy in being able to witness the fish’s monthly color evolution which includes breeding them.”

His tip was that the females prefer larger mates or there would be a high chance of an inter gender fight.

Success from live bidding the fish on Facebook is harder to come by these days with the site’s enhanced animal rights policies.

“The stream gets ended Facebook detects you trying to sell animal.”

He still continues to operate but in a craftier way he says to overcome this. According to him selling Bettas have kick started online businesses.

“I see it helps the income of a security guard and a seller who once did things the old school way at the market…

“Even government servants are into it. The hobby is more about making friends,” he said.