Government Grants 62-Year-Old Widow a Comfortable Life

Government Grants 62-Year-Old Widow a Comfortable Life


RANAU, SABAH – The government sees a 62-year-old widow living in squalor and raises her a new home here in Kampung Lembah Permai, Kundasang.

Gorimeh Gumat’s pitiful living conditions were recently made known in a video which quickly came under the quick attention of Kundasang assemblyman Datuk Dr. Joachim Gunsalam.

The native woman lived in a shoddy shack supported by leaves and branches.

Youtuber ‘duniaakhirat’ in an interview with Gorimeh last month found out she was bedridden at a hospital for the past year.

“I suddenly fell unconscious one day. Fortunately people saw me and came to help,”

Showing incision marks on her stomach she told the camera it was gastric and couldn’t work because she couldn’t eat.

Pointing to a sturdier shack nearby, in the video she said: “I would be happy if I had a house like that”.

Water and electricity are coming soon, according to Joachim who is also Deputy Chief Minister.

“I am thankful for all parties involved including NGOs into making this mother’s dreams come true. She now has a place to call home that can better shield her from the elements. It is learn’t that Gorimeh’s stilt house cost around RM 8000 to build but the upgrade in her life quality is priceless.“


The Sabah government will help the poor and needy everywhere through cooperation with village committees (JPKK).

He said the committees are responsible to identify and help those in their respective areas.

Joachim who is also Minister of Industrial Development said the responsibility will then be taken up to them after submission from committees or village heads.

Meanwhile, PBS Kundasang youth chief Azmi Arimin donated a collection of cash for Gorimeh that was handed over to Kampung Desa Aman JPKK chairman Jaifuddin Madani.