Membakut Man Arrested After Machete Darts a Senior’s Face

Membakut Man Arrested After Machete Darts a Senior’s Face


BEAUFORT, SABAH – Police arrested a 25-year-old Kampung Lumantak, Membakut man after accidentally striking a shop owner during a fit of rage.

Bad blood between the suspect and his 67-year-old victim arose ever since the former and his parents lost their home to a fire last year.

“He blames the old man for causing the fire,” said district police chief Yusoff Zaki Mat Yaacob.

He detailed that the duo’s already strained relationship met its breaking point about 7.30pm yesterday when the suspect came to buy cigarettes from the man’s house doubling as a sundry store.

“The suspect claims the victim ignored his calls from inside the house which made him angry causing him to later return with a machete…

“He tried to break down the wooden door with the weapon and while doing so the blade had dislodged from its hilt and darted the victim on the face,” Yusoff said.

According to Yussof, the suspect made a dash upon sighting the bloody mess he made but cops an hour later took him into custody.

“Investigations continue under Section 324 of the Penal Code for causing grievous hurt which penalty is a maximum three years in jail, with possible fines and whippings, if convicted,” he added.