PBS Is Senior Enough To Handle Its Own Matters

PBS Is Senior Enough To Handle Its Own Matters


KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – Rookie politician Jovilis Majami should mind his own business and leave Parti Bersatu Sabah to handle its matters.

“We do not need his opinion, plus PBS has always been in communication with the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah leaderships, so there is no need for him (Jovilis) to remind us of our strength,” said PBS Youth chief, Christoper Mandut.

Responding to Jovilis’ recent statement, claiming that the PBS glory days have passed, Mandut said that he must first study the history of PBS before coming up with such a conclusion.

“PBS has been around for 36 years, and is the oldest multiracial party in the country. Even for three decades, PBS is still relevant and people praise and honour the party for being consistent, loyal and firm. We are senior enough to handle our own matters…

“Our leaders are loyalists. Both PBS presidents have been with the party since its inception, not like fickle-minded politicians who jump from one party to another just to satisfy their own agenda.

“Jovilis has no locus standi to mock the PBS President. Better take care of your own ‘home first,” Mandut, who is also the Political Secretary to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Sabah and Sarawak Affairs) Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili.

Christoper Mandut…

Jovilis, who is the Star Kota Marudu coordinating secretary, stated in his statement that they are also ready to contest in the Tandek and Kota Marudu constituencies, if PBS is adamant to claim the Keningau seat, which Ongkili had hinted when launching the PBS Tambunan annual general meeting last week.

“The President’s (Ongkili) statement was a general comment, just like any other parties under GRS, we are all allowed to voice out our views. Eventually, it is the top leadership who would decide on the outcome…

“So, I would like to consider Jovilis as voicing out his views on behalf of his party. It’s just normal to do so, because I am doing the same to defend my party’s honour.

“But if Jovilis is serious about Star contesting in Kota Marudu, I promise that PBS will work hard and ensure victory is on our side.”

Mandut added that Star’s interference in the Kota Marudu constituency is nothing new since they fielded two so-called independent candidates in Tandek and Matunggong in the last state election, which eventually were won by PBS.

“My advice to Jovilis, if you want to show off to you President, you must not be too anxious. Star has obviously lured PBS members to join your party, but we in PBS are not making a fuss, because right now, PBS is in the process of rejuvenating the party, and is concentrating our membership drives to attract young professionals, train them to understand and embrace PBS’ core struggles. They are our future, and we want to see PBS live for decades more,” said Mandut.

He stressed that PBS will continue to work with its partners in GRS, and find solutions to existing problems, while continuing the good rapport amongst the parties, as well as that in the state and federal levels.

“For now, what’s important is to strengthen our ties within GRS, not find faults. We need to work on our strengths, and help each other in overcoming our weaknesses. That’s how we can have a strong footing in Sabah. We need to fight our common enemy, not with each other,” he concluded.