Tuaran Cops Bust Teen Seizing 2 Kilos of Syabu

Tuaran Cops Bust Teen Seizing 2 Kilos of Syabu


TUARAN, SABAH – A 19-year-old may face the death penalty after being found in possession of 2 kilograms worth of meth (syabu) here in Telipok Ria yesterday evening.

District police chief DSP Hamizi Halim said the local was taken into custody about 6pm following a raid by a narcotics task force.

“The drugs weighed-in at 2.11kgs worth at least RM89,824.00 in the black market…

“They were found stashed inside a car believed to be on its way to peddlers in the district,” he told reporters.

Drug tests meanwhile returned positive for the same type and it is learnt that the suspect was also previously convicted as a user.

“It is possible that the teenager was only used as a pawn by higher ups in the syndicate for low risk profit…

“Investigations will continue as the case is being investigated under Section 15(1)(a) and 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act,” he said.

In other police developments, Hamizi noted the district force has solved 13 cases comprising 59.09 per cent of violent and property crimes from January to mid April this year.

“These crimes include vehicular thefts and robberies amounting RM 127,000 in losses and involving the arrests of 18 suspects including a woman,” he added.