Water Shortage Turns To Bloodshed

Water Shortage Turns To Bloodshed


KINABATANGAN, SABAH – An argument about water conservation among two Indonesian co-workers at an estate here became deadly on Saturday.

Victim Lito Salibat died of slash wounds following the 5.30pm altercation near their shared quarters.

District police chief Superintendent Dzulbaharin Ismail said witnesses saw the assailant Tata Dehasus running off with a machete believed to be the murder weapon.

“No one tried to stop him in fear of becoming the next victim…

“The victim had the chance to tell other coworkers that the fight was because Tata accused him of constantly wasting water,” he said.

Apparently the attacker was enraged as there was a shortage of water supply to the quarters.

“Both the suspect and victim had been living in the same quarters for the past five months,” Dzulbaharin added.

The victim was pronounced dead at 10pm the same day while police are on a manhunt for Tata.

Those with information or know the whereabouts of the suspect are urged to contact Kinabatangan police at 089-561 890 or 014-321 7050.