All Aboard: Sabah Government Looking To Attract More Train Passengers

All Aboard: Sabah Government Looking To Attract More Train Passengers


KOTA KINABALU, SABAH – The State government will look into ways of attracting more passengers aboard the Beaufort train.

Sabah Works Department (SWD) Minister Datuk Seri Bung Mokhtar Radin said he wanted trains as the medium of transportation in and out the city for those living southwest from here.

For this to happen, Bung, who is also Deputy Chief Minister said a “good offer” must be made to potential passengers.

“Talks are in motion between the Sabah State Railway Department director and the SWD Permanent Secretary…

“Any chance of upgrading amenities at the station or to the carriages itself will attract more people and eventually lead to easier road traffic flow,” he said.

He learned that most of the 5.30pm train passengers were Queen Elizabeth Hospital workers who either get off at Putatan or go all the way.

Bung yesterday was giving out food packs to passengers who had to break their fasts on the train in an annual Corporate Social Responsibility by the two departments come every Ramadhan.

“We aim to ease their burdens and strengthen human relationships of loyal SSRD users,” he said hoping the tradition would be a continuous one.

City hall worker Othman Yusuf, 48, from Membakut has been regular since 2014.

For him the holy month in the new normal has become much more of a humbling experience than before.

Othman Yusuf…

“Breaking my fast on the train during this pandemic has its own charms. I’m glad to see the regular faces are still here. Usually even the non-muslims will partake in the breaking of fast and we will all eat and talk together…

“The only difference this year is that without the Ramadhan bazaars, plain and simple food will have to suffice.

“Back then we feasted on a variety of dishes and dined like kings and queens,” he chuckled.

“I think it as a boon to minimize food wastage as well, reconnecting us to the true essence of fasting,” he added.